Details and Agenda for May 11, 2015: P.I.E. Project Meeting in San Diego

We are looking forward to seeing the attendees on Monday for the Promoting Innovation in EMS: California Regional Stakeholder meeting. As you know, this conference is designed to provide an opportunity for direct input to the federal government’s desire to expand innovation in Emergency Medical Services. Below is the agenda which will take place from 8A-5P at the West Health Institute in La Jolla, California.

You will see that the morning session will include 2 sets of “lightning rounds” to highlight current innovation. During Round 1, it’s hoped that all 12 California community paramedic pilot programs will describe their current efforts. During Round 2, similarly brief descriptions of cutting-edge clinical and technological innovations will be shared. Each speaker will keep their remarks to 5 minutes, focusing on the following questions:

1 – What are the primary objectives of your innovation?
2 – What barriers most impede to you?
3 – What solutions have you already identified?
4 – What should occur to improve your chance of success?

If you are attending (registration required) remember traffic is congested on I-5 during the Monday morning rush hour so plan accordingly. It can easily take 30 minutes to drive from San Diego International Airport (aka Lindbergh Field) to the conference site.

As of 5/7/2015, there are only 10 seats remaining for the meeting, and you must register to attend in person. The conference will be webcast and a set of event proceedings will be subsequently produced.

The following is the webcast address for the event:

Thanks again – we’re looking forward to a productive day.